About Me


Hello and Thank you for visiting my e-portfolio and blog.

My name is China Jade Hemphill and I’m a new University of West Georgia graduate in Mass Communications. My concentration was Public Relations with a minor in Marketing.

I was born in Mississippi and I lived there until I was about six years old. My family moved to Georgia to pursue a better life that was difficult to get in rural Mississippi. I thank my family wholeheartedly, had they decided against moving I would be at the point I am today. Gratitude knows no bounds for my parents’ making a dream become a reality.

I began my college as an education major focusing in Speech Pathology. I later realized that although I was very interested in that career path I wasn’t ready for it. I knew that there was a major that would cater to my strengths and rebuild my weaknesses. I knew that Mass Communications was a better fit for the person that I am and my interests.

While on this adventure of discovering myself and the world of Public Relations, I learned that I have the attributes of a leader, I’m a creative thinker in regards to pitching ideas for projects as well as creating content on social media and my personality excites and motivates others. Another thing I discovered is that I love to give back and encourage those who don’t have the means to encourage themselves.

I’m currently an intern at University of Marketing and Communications at UWG. I produce feature stories about the achievements of students, faculty members and alumni. At the UCM, I also create social media graphics for the university’s social media handles and I produce content for the university’s Snapchat.